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Here you find a selection of classic arcade and puzzle games for the Mac OS only. They are a great fun to play and suitable for the whole family.

You can download the shareware versions of our games for FREE and enjoy them as long as you like. No annoying time limited demos! If you decide they are worth buying, you have the option to purchase them online at very low prices.

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Latest News & Updates

[September 25, 2016]
I’m sorry to inform you that Factor Software will be going out of business on October 1, 2016.
Unfortunately, the decline in sales has made this business uneconomic.
I would like to thank all my customers for having made possible this adventure for almost 19 years. Goodbye.

[August 1, 2016]
My reseller, Kagi, has ceased operations as of July 31st, 2016.
As a consequence, the games available for download from this site cannot be purchased at present.
Waiting to decide whether and how to continue, support remains active only for problems related to the activation of previously purchased programs.

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Current Factor Software Games

X-Pipes Evolution

X-Pipes Evolution Screenshot IconX-Pipes Evolution Huge Application Icon

Let’s pipe it up again!

X-Pipes Evolution brings the pipe connecting game experience to a whole new level. Help Roderick the mechanical plumber solve plumbing problems in his journey through space.

Platform: Mac IconMac

Price:  $4.99


BOOM Screenshot IconBOOM Huge Application Icon

Blast those nasty aliens in this award winning arcade game

BOOM can be described as “Bomberman meets Doom”. Actually, I took the basic Bomberman idea and dropped it in a “Super-Deformed Doom” scenario (whatever this means).

Platform: Mac IconMac Universal Binary IconUniversal Binary

Price:  $9.95


Germs Screenshot IconGerms Huge Application Icon

Get rid of deadly microbes and stop them from spreading

Germs is a game that combines quick thinking with even quicker reflexes as players manipulate scads of colorful, killer pathogens in order to neutralize a biological threat and save humanity.

Platform: Mac IconMac

Price:  $9.95

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Featured Mac Games

Check out these exciting Mac games created by other developers (not by Factor Software).

Connect M

Connect M Huge Application Icon

Simply connect 'em.
Developed by McSebi.

Midnight Mansion

Midnight Mansion Huge Application Icon

Explore haunted mansions filled with traps, monsters and puzzles.
Developed by ActionSoft.

My Tribe

My Tribe Huge Application Icon

Create your own island paradise!
Developed by Grubby Games.

Doulber Gold

Doulber Gold Huge Application Icon

Team up with a formidable purple ant and dig your way through mazy caves!
Developed by Phelios, Inc.

Professor Fizzwizzle and the Molten Mystery

Professor Fizzwizzle and the Molten Mystery Huge Application Icon

Professor Fizzwizzle is back!
Developed by Grubby Games.


Derelict Huge Application Icon

Have you ever wanted to just keep shooting?
Developed by Laughing Dragon Games.

Zen Puzzle Garden

Zen Puzzle Garden Huge Application Icon

Find peace of mind in this unique challenging puzzle game.
Developed by Lexaloffle Games.


FizzBall Huge Application Icon

Solve a mystery and save hungry animals with bouncing bubbles.
Developed by Grubby Games.

Professor Fizzwizzle

Professor Fizzwizzle Huge Application Icon

Help Professor Fizzwizzle puzzle his way back to his lab!.
Developed by Grubby Games.

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